It’s important for prospective buyers of real estate to utilize the right broker to represent them. A broker can provide the experience and knowledge necessary to greatly assist buyers in the process of buying a ranch or home. Each property is different, just as each buyers needs are different. Experience and expertise in land acquisition are crucial to your successful negotiation and purchase.

There simply is no one better to represent buyers of ranch and recreational property in the western half of Montana than Cody Carestia. Cody’s clients will testify to his knowledge in this area. His Ag background and ranch relationships, along with the amount of time he has spent hunting and fishing on properties across Montana, set him apart from anyone in the real estate industry. No other brokers have his extensive knowledge of the game, fish, habitat and potential of Montana properties. If you are searching for a sporting property, you want to work with the person that has put in the time exploring every recreational aspect of a particular area. While other brokers talk about recreational opportunities, Cody has experienced them firsthand.